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‚ÄčHowe Company, LLC is an On-Call Provider for the following 

MoDOT - LPA program categories:

  • Structures / Bridges
  • Roadway
  • Construction Inspection

Civil & Structural Engineers

Civil Engineering :

     Streets & Roads

     Water Systems

          *System models & Improvements

     Sewer Systems

          *Collection systems and land applications

     Infrastructure for River

          Terminals and Ferry Service

          *Master plans

          *Multi-use areas

     Site Development

     Storm Water

     Special Projects


     Documentation for Mitigation of

          Historical Bridges

Structural Engineering:

     Bridges & Culverts



     Bridge Engineering Assistance Program (BEAP)

     Miscellaneous Structures

Construction Observation & Material Testing:


     Reinforcing Steel

     Concrete Testing (slump, air, cylinders)

     Mortar Testing (cube tests)

     Grout Testing

     Structural Steel

     Precast / Masonry